Dumfries and Galloway Council want to give you the opportunity of paying the way you want to for secondary school meals*. We have introduced the iPayimpact system.

On-line Payments are coming to Moffat Primary School soon


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ipayimpact.co.uk is a simple, easy to use website, offering parents a convenient and flexible way to make payments on-line, by debit or credit card, for school meals, reducing the need for pupils to carry cash to school. iPayimpact has a ‘shopping basket’ approach, allowing payments to be made for each child including dinner money, school trips, uniforms, after-school clubs and societies, milk and many other school payments in one easy transaction. iPayimpact also allows parents the option to send in cheques or cash to the school office if they do not wish to use the on-line payment facility.

Registration is easy: • Go to www.ipayimpact.co.uk • Click on Register • Child Account Reference – enter the NEC card number (first 14 digits only) • Username – this is your account name that you wish to use to access your account – this is a minimum of 6 characters (do not use your email address) • Email – enter a valid email address – this must be valid as it will be used to send you payment receipts and activation details for your account • Confirm email – by entering it again • Password – enter a password that you will remember. Please remember not to give your password details to anyone else. • Confirm your password • Answer the maths test – this is a simple mathematical calculation on the online registration document • Agree to Terms • An email will be sent to the email address you entered above.

Please go to your email and follow the instructions you receive to activate your account. Read our pdf documents on frequently asked questions and for further information on how the  iPayimpact system works. You can also download a pre-order sheet to ensure your child gets exactly what they want when they come to lunch.

If a Parent / Carer is experiencing errors with online payments contact a member of your Catering Staff. The Catering staff will ask the parent/carer for descriptive detail on error (including pupil name). The Catering staff will then contact our cashless payment provider with information regarding any error, and then will contact parent/carer with a resolution.

On-line Payments are coming to Moffat Primary School soon

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*Online Payments can be made in 15 secondary schools. Dalry is the only school where this option is not available.