soup_lentil1. Wash the lentils.
2. Boil the water and add the lentils, diced carrots, swede, leeks and potatoes.
3. Simmer for 1-1½ hours.
4. Add the bouillon and pepper and simmer for a further 30 minutes.
5. Part-liquidise to remove chunky vegetables.
6. Reheat before serving.

SoupLentil SoupVegetable SoupLeek and Potato SoupChicken Noodle SoupVegetable Soup
Bread BasketBread BasketBread BasketBread BasketBread Basket
MAINS Choose 1Sausage roll, baked beans with saute or boiled potatoesSteak Pie, mashed potato and seasonal vegetablesHomemade Beefburgerin a rollRoast Pork with Apple Sauce and Gravy boiled potatoes and seasonal vegetablesFish, chips and peas
French bread pizza with mixed saladJacket potato with baked beans, tuna, egg mayo or hamChicken Stir Frywith noodlesBreaded salmon tortilla wrapJacket potato with baked beans, cheese, ham or chicken mayo
Sandwich or roll with cheese, ham or chicken mayoSandwich or roll with ham, egg mayo or tunaTortilla wrap or sandwich with ham, chicken mayo or tunaTortilla wrap or sandwich with chicken, egg mayo or hamRoll or sandwich with chicken mayo, ham or cheese
DESSERT Choose 1Fruit mousse with fruitDoughnut with custardLemon Drizzle CakeApple Pie with custardShortbread with yoghurt
Fresh fruit or yoghurtFresh fruit or yoghurtFresh fruit or yoghurtFresh fruit or yoghurtFresh fruit or yoghurt
red lentils (dried)670g
vegetable bouillon85g
carrots (frozen, diced)1350g
leeks (frozen, prepared)225g
black pepper (powder)4g