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Local provenance is important to us at Dumfries & Galloway Council.

That’s why we have created our ‘Naturally D&G’ brand. Naturally D&G show that we are committed to Dumfries & Galloway’s food and drink industry and when we can’t source locally we ensure that we provide you with some of the best food Scotland and the UK has to offer.

This is how Visit Scotland describes our area: ‘From streams to summits and forests to shores the landscape in Dumfries and Galloway is naturally inspiring.’ Our dairy farming is on some of the best farmland in the UK and our local produce allows us to be truly proud of our Naturally D&G brand. The Naturally D&G mark means that you can be sure that:

• Our meals are freshly prepared, with seasonal ingredients
• Our eggs are from free-range hens and our meat is from animals farmed to British welfare standards
• We don’t serve any endangered fish
• Our menu is free from undesirable additives and GM ingredients

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The Naturally D&G brand will explain where the food we serve comes from and the importance of buying quality produce, from local suppliers where possible.

In Dumfries & Galloway, we:

• Get milk supplied from local dairies
• Source all our meat from UK farms
• Buy Scottish produced fruit and vegetables, when in season and available
• Buy only free-range local eggs from local farms

Our priority is to use local produce where we can and we try our best at all times to champion our local food producers.

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Provenance is all about the origin of what we eat and drink. Much research has been done on the importance of provenance to the general public and in one survey nearly four in ten (36%) shoppers claimed they were prepared to pay extra for locally produced foods. The success of local farmer markets across Scotland attests to this. Dumfries and Galloway Council make sure, that buying locally will not increase costs to our customers.

We believe that by using fresh, seasonal produce, prepared correctly we produce great tasting and looking plates of food, whether for a function or wedding, for meals on wheels, or for school meals. We try where we can to source local produce and we believe passionately that the way food is grown and produced is really important. We celebrate good food, local food, and tasty food and we work hard with all our suppliers to ensure our customers get the best quality product at all times.

Of course, there are foods that we cannot source locally. Produce like lemons, oranges, and bananas can’t be grown in the UK, but we ensure that our suppliers are vetted to ensure that any imported products are fresh and of the quality we insist upon.

Linked to provenance is the issue of food miles. Food miles is the distance food is transported from the time of its production until it reaches the consumer. We are one of the few councils in Scotland who have a central store operation which ensures that we don’t have to ask suppliers to deliver across our region. Rather they deliver to one store in Dumfries and we then deliver to all our buildings, cutting greenhouse gases, food miles and costs.

By buying as much produce locally we can also check farms and producers much more regularly and we are strengthening our community by investing money close to home.

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